Oil Train Video Reports

Although the issue of transporting hazardous substances by rail is unrelated to my campaign for College of Lake County Trustee, it is an issue on which I’m committed to continue raising public awareness.  For anyone interested, I hope you find the information below helpful.

Lake County Board, District 18 Campaign

At times, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’  Below are some of the better news reports I’ve seen on the issue of transporting hazardous substances by rail.  I’ve also included reports on the related issues of fracking, silica sand mining, and pipeline for the purpose of general information because I’m often asked about these topics when giving presentations.


Al Jazeera America:  Shipping Bakken Crude Oil By Train Unsafe at Any Speed


Rachel Maddow Report:  Bomb Trains (Part 1)


Rachel Maddow Report:  Bad Cars and Explosive Crude (Part 2)


Rachel Maddow Report:  The Denial (Part 3)


The Globe and Mail Report:  How Oil from the U.S. Bakken Formation Decimated Lac-Mégantic

CBS 60 Minutes Report
: Shale Gas Drilling – Pros and Cons


Data Source:  U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration


Water Quality Press Conference – Section 3
RE:  Dakota Access Bakken Pipeline


The American people have the right to know who is dumping what into their source of drinking water. That is why I delivered testimony to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Chicago on September 14 urging swift implementation of my new law, which was signed by the President last December, requiring immediate public notice when raw sewage is dumped into the Great Lakes.”
– Senator Mark Kirk

If people have a right to know what is dumped into their source of drinking water, as stated by Senator Mark Kirk, then they also have a right to know about  hazardous substances rolling past their homes and schools with an explosion compared to that of an atomic bomb.  The transport of crude-by-rail comes with a 1-mile radius blast zone and up to a 3-mile evacuation zone.
– Gerri Songer
Candidate for Lake County Board, District 18


CBS Report: Silica Sand Mining Near Starved Rock State Park