College of Lake County Open Board Meeting – September 19, 2017

CLC Open Board Meeting Public Comment   VIEW:  Public Comment Handout CLC Board Meeting Agenda – September 19, 2017 CLC Board Book – September 19, 2017 REQUEST #1: To better facilitate the democratic process, I’m requesting that the placement and duration of “Public Comment” is specifically stated on the agenda. REQUEST #2: I’m requesting that…

Dreyfuss Testimonial

Richard Dreyfus talks about what the loss of schools and teachers who bring knowledge of our history to our future voting citizens means for our nation.  

LETTER: ‘Illinois math’ has led to chronic underfunding of teacher pensions

POST BY:  Chicago Tribune “As required, Teachers’ Retirement System used Illinois math to calculate the state’s contribution for fiscal year 2018 and came up with $4.56B. Using actuarial math, TRS also calculated that the state’s “full funding” contribution should be $6.88B. This legal sleight-of-hand has been going on for 78 years — and counting. The…

We Need to Be Good Stewards

Please Vote – April 4th Consolidated Election   Gerri Songer, Candidate for College of Lake County Trustee College of Lake County Lakeshore Campus Candidate Forum This forum was sponsored by the CLC Student Government Association (SGA) and the College of Lake County Federation of Teachers Political Action Committee (March 14th, 2017).