College of Lake County Open Board Meeting – September 19, 2017

CLC Open Board Meeting Public Comment


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CLC Board Meeting Agenda – September 19, 2017
CLC Board Book – September 19, 2017

REQUEST #1: To better facilitate the democratic process, I’m requesting that the placement and duration of “Public Comment” is specifically stated on the agenda.

REQUEST #2: I’m requesting that expense reports for Board reimbursements, including receipts, are posted and made publically available in a timely manner prior to Trustee Board meetings at which they’re to be approved.

REQUEST #3: I’m requesting that monthly reports are posted and made available to the public identifying lobbying activities with expense reports, including receipts. Lobbyist reports are required by Springfield, so they should already be prepared.

REQUEST #4: I’m requesting the issue of naming rights as they pertain to Baxter International be brought back to the Board of Trustees for a vote and that this agreement is terminated due to “adverse circumstances”. The Board should exercise due diligence by thoroughly investing the background of this company and by presenting this information and allowing for public comment prior to a vote.

QUESTION: “… address the issue of ownership once and for all of the building … we understand that the building and the equipment that’s amassed over the last 15 years will revert to the college, and we don’t want that to slip away to somebody else …”

•  Who is this “somebody else”? Who “else” could ownership of the University Center go to and why?


NOTE: Over the duration of the past 13 years, revenue has nearly doubled, as have expenses.

Total Outstanding Debt has increased from $17M in 2007 to $71M in 2016 (+ $54M).

• Is it fiscally responsible to carry $71M Total Outstanding Debt, nearly 4 times that which has been carried historically (based on information available online)?

CLC can’t rely on property taxes, nor can it rely on the State for funding. The State of Illinois provides the largest source of pension contributions (approx. 95%) through State appropriations from the Common School Fund. Unless the State’s debt (see below) is refinanced and/or additional revenue collected, it’s likely the State will find ways to access local revenue sources. For example, moving all future funding of education to the local level, which has already happened in River Forest (District 90).

Also, tuition at CLC has declined. Enrollment at the Lakeshore campus, for instance, has decreased 37% over the last five years to just over 1,000 students.

NOTE: $23.653M in interest is scheduled for payment. These are funds that should go toward students, programs, and educators – not banks.

The State continues to spend more than it generates in revenue while increasing debt. As of FY2016, the State collected $68B, spent $73B, and increased its debt to $147B.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 2.43.03 AM

This isn’t sustainable! There was a $7B increase from 2015 to 2016. At this rate, we’d be looking at an additional $203B over the current $116B by FY2045 (probably more based on the incline of the slope)!

To give you an idea of what this looks like at the local level, my District’s (D214) pension contributions have increased from $9M in 2002 to $57M as of FY2016. District 211 is in the same boat ($10M in FY2002, $57M in FY2016).

REQUEST #5: I’m requesting the Board only approve construction consisting exclusively of essential maintenance projects, and that the Board prioritizes repayment of debt and the hiring of FTEs over adjunct staff until a point in time that investing in facility expansion is financially responsible and feasible.

REQUEST #6: I’m requesting bid comparisons (minimum 3) with summaries and explanations including information pertaining to number of employees, employee pay, cost of product(s)/service(s), retained profit by company, and etc. are posted and made publically available three (3) weeks prior to voting for approval at Board of Trustee meetings.

REQUEST #7: I’m requesting a Trustee voting policy that states voting will NOT take place the same day new items are discussed. Voting should be scheduled a minimum of one (1) Board meeting AFTER Board discussion takes place regarding agenda items to allow for follow-up review, public comment, and diligent and due consideration.

REQUEST #8: I’m requesting that the Board cite the statute(s) authorizing the Treasurer to make Budget Transfers as recommended on the June 27, 2017, Monthly Financial Report.

QUESTION:  Regarding September 19, 2017 agenda item, “Transfers to cover costs related to 2017 flood” (p 13).

$4,215.37 (safe clothing, wet/dry vacuum, repair of folding machine)
$38,587.21 (textbooks, clothing, materials)

$153,953.39 Total


•  Will expenses resulting from flood damage be covered by insurance?