Additional Issues

In addition to advocating for a community voice in local government decision-making,  cancelling the Route 53 boondoggle, and fighting for accountability in providing timely, accurate, and accessible information, I’ll work tirelessly to address the following issues:

Property Taxes.
I’ll work to identify ways of reducing the burden of property taxes on our residents.

Economic Development.
We need collaboration between municipalities to promote a balanced emphasis between corporations and the promotion of small business, entrepreneurship, and the trades.

Consolidation of Services.
I’ll fight to ensure a consistent and transparent evaluation process is in place for consolidating and outsourcing public services.

Traffic Congestion.
I’ll promote feasible solutions for our traffic congestion and creative public transportation options.

Agriculture and Natural Areas.
I’m a strong proponent of maintaining our forest preserves, wetlands, and open spaces.  I also advocate for preserving farmland. Farmland is irreplaceable, and we should be proactive in sustaining it.  I support organic farming and local foods.

In order to leave something good behind for future generations, we must lay the foundation now for implementing a systematic phase out of fossil fuel, a nonrenewable resource, in lieu of clean, sustainable alternative energy sources.