Dreyfuss Testimonial

Richard Dreyfus talks about what the loss of schools and teachers who bring knowledge of our history to our future voting citizens means for our nation.  

Charter Schools – Just Another Form of Private Public Partnerships

VIEW:  The UK’s PPPs Disaster:  Lessons on Private Finance for the Rest of the World VIEW:  The Jubilee Debt Campaign VIEW:  Why Private Public Partnerships Don’t Work:  The Many Advantages of the Public Alternative In essence, the practice of implementing charter schools, or other forms of privatized education, is just another form of private-public partnership….

Betsy DeVos Confirmation Hearing

  School choice advocate Betsy DeVos says a one size-fits-all model of learning doesn’t work and that she would promote charter, magnet, religious and other alternatives to public schools, if confirmed education secretary. Source:  Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing The Center for Tax and Budget Accountability (CTBA), a bi-partisan, nonprofit research and advocacy think tank based…