What Will Gerri Fight For?

Like you, I love Lake County. We are surrounded by natural beauty and friendly people. It’s a great place to raise kids. Unfortunately, we also have traffic congestion and the highest taxes in Illinois.

A Community Voice.
We need a new county board member who cares about our quality of life and who advocates for us. We deserve a representative who fights for our vision and goals, rather than catering to outsiders profiting at our expense while leaving us with taxes no other county is required to pay.

As your elected representative,  I will promote initiatives that bring our communities together, not separate us with something like an unaffordable highway.

Cancel the Route 53 Extension
In a county where residents pay the highest taxes in the state, and among the highest in the nation, we can’t be burdened with long-term projects such as the Route 53 extension that we simply cannot afford. What’s even worse is the sky-high cost that will follow for new schools, sewage, water, and other public and commercial services – none of which are currently planned for. This project would divide our communities and disrupt the way of life we have all come to cherish, which is why I chose to fight to maintain our quality of life and natural areas.

Rather than recklessly burdening us with a 50-year old boondoggle that won’t solve our traffic problems, I support solutions that consider both costs and benefits, offer relief from unfair tax burdens, and allow Lake County to be competitive in a 21st Century economy.  We need affordable transportation options that are flexible, forward-thinking, and make sense.

Increase Safety
After discovering hazardous rail cars filled with highly explosive crude oil ran feet from homes, playgrounds and schools, I demanded answers.  Moved to action out of concern for public safety, I made a commitment to pursue a role in civic participation.  Citizen Advocacy Center recognized my efforts with a Citizen’s Initiative Award for speaking out publicly and sponsoring a co-curricular activity, Students 4 Democracy.

With oil trains rolling through two rail corridors in Hawthorn Woods and Vernon Hills, we need a new representative willing to take responsibility for public health and safety. We’ve already had four derailments in our area – one in Mundelein, another in Buffalo Grove, and two more at the same location in Northbrook where a bridge collapsed, spilling train cars onto the road and killing a married couple in their car beneath.  I’m committed to fighting for accountability in providing timely, accurate, and accessible information to residents.  I plan to lobby for higher safety standards and to raise public awareness regarding the hazards associated with crude-by-rail transport.


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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.